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  • Founded in August 2005 with a vision to systematically change the IT approach and support within Trinidad and Tobago.
  • We specialize in many different areas including Email Archiving Systems, Document Management Systems, Antiviral Protection Solutions, Backup Solutions, Remote Management, Enterprise Security Solutions, Virtualization and 2 Factor Authentication.

Introducing CADI

  • What is CADI?

    What is CADI?

    The Ideal Solution looking at all aspects of your IT Infrastructure.

    Createx Active Defense Infrastructure or CADI is a revolutionary solution designed and implemented by Createx System Works Ltd. for businesses who are open to new & emerging threats. Using enterprise solutions and products supported by our partner and alliance networks we are able to create a solutions for all markets (Small, Mid -Size, Large companies).

  • CADI Modules

    CADI Modules

    CADI includes various modules
    1. Service Level Agreements (Active Support System)
    2. An Enterprise Security Appliance (Includes Firewalls, VPN, Spam, Web Control, Internet Redundancy, Site to Site Remote Connections, etc.)
    3. Wireless Security
    4. 2 Factor Authentication (2FA)
    5. Endpoint Security (Antiviral, Ransomware, Web, Device Control etc.)
    6. Cloud Backup Solutions (3-2-1 Backups with 256 Bit SSL Encryption)
    7. ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) Policy Creation and Development
    8. Infrastructure Creation, Development and Documentation

    For more information and pricing contact us.

  • CADI Pricing

    CADI Pricing

    Quotation Required, Prices may vary depending on the organization’s size and requirements. Call for more details.

Cyber Security Solutions

  • Whats is Cyber Security?

    Whats is Cyber Security?

    Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes.

    Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging today because there are more devices than people, and attackers are becoming more innovative.
  • How can we help?

    How can we help?

    Improve your IT Infrastructure with our Cyber Security Solutions.

    Our systems work with all companies sizes from Home to Enterprise Solutions. Puraches or lease anyone of our solutions. Full Integration with our previous CADI System*.

    Ask for a Demo

    For more information and pricing contact us.

    *Certain conditions may apply.

Popular Products

  • Email Archiving Systems

    Email Archiving Systems

    Archive multiple Email Accounts which are over capacity or running out of Email Storage. Secure access to Old Emails at anytime with an Enterprise storage solution. Reduce cost of email subscriptions.
  • Office 365

    Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365 (often called Microsoft 365 or Office 365) is a Web-based version of Microsoft’s Office suite of enterprise-grade productivity applications. Office 365 is delivered to users through the cloud and includes Exchange Online for email, SharePoint Online for collaboration, Lync Online for unified communications, and a suite of Office Web Apps, Web-based versions of the traditional Microsoft Office suite of applications. The Application may also be installed on the users computer depending on the solution choosen.

  • Createx Cloud

    Createx Cloud

    1. Perform local and offsite cloud backup in one easy step.
    2. Back up everything — disks, partitions, servers, data — to the Createx Cloud.
    3. Recover anything quickly and easily — files, folders, applications, or an entire system.
    4. Keep backups safe in Createx’s ultra-secure, Tier-IV designed & SSAE-16 compliant local data centers.
  • Panda Adaptive Defense 360

    Panda Adaptive Defense 360

    Adaptive Defense 360 is the first cyber-security service that combines next-generation protection (NG EPP) and detection and remediation technologies (EDR), with the ability to classify 100% of running processes.

    Being in total control of everything happening inside your machines means you can:

    Avoid data leaks

    whether they come from malware or from your employees.

    Discover and solve

    system and application vulnerabilities

    while preventing undesirables such as browser toolbars, adware or add-ons.

    Detect and block

    targeted attacks against your systems.

    Adaptive Defense 360 provides adaptive protection against malware, integrating prevention, detection, forensic analysis and automated remediation.

  • Paragon Hard Disk Manager

    Paragon Hard Disk Manager

    Data safety made simple for novice users and experts alike

    1. Organize your disks, ensure capacity and performance of storage media
    2. Transfer systems on the fly, use physical and virtual appliances at will
    3. Use professional-grade backup to secure systems, applications and data
    4. Always stay up and running with boot fix and fail-safe system recovery
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